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Our mission is to pull billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. We’ve attracted some of the best people from a range of industries – automotive, aerospace, energy, agriculture, consumer electronics – but we need your help.
Enormous, exciting challenges lie ahead. If you’re ready for them, come join us.
Passionate about climate but don't see a role that fits? We're growing quickly and opening new roles frequently. Share your resume with us and we'll keep you informed about new opportunities to join our team.
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People co-working on desk

Our Workplace

Solving challenging problems that matter

Work on what matters most

We’re developing Direct Air Capture technology at a rapid pace to make a meaningful impact on climate change.

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Build a brand new industry

Come to work every day, solve interesting and compelling problems, and lay the foundations for one of the next big global industries.

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Put growth at the center of your career

Our company is growing rapidly and looking for people who can grow with it by stepping up to take on new challenges every day.


Committed to equity, inclusion and diversity

Climate change is a global problem. We’re building an organization that brings the voices of the world to the table to mitigate climate change. We’re actively seeking candidates from a diverse range of communities and we’re working hard to build an inclusive culture.


Our People

What is your Heirloom?

Our team originates from many corners of the globe and we are united by a strong desire to address the challenges of the changing climate. Drawing from a diverse range of skill sets, we are making a measurable impact on the most important issue of our time.
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Juhi Kalra

Mechanical Design Manager

Promoting greater equality in the world is why I joined Heirloom. Climate change is most damaging to the world's most vulnerable people, who were not big contributors to the emissions problem in the first place. I'm passionate about using my design engineering and analysis skills to build a scalable carbon removal technology.

Akshay Siramdas photo

Akshay Siramdas

Research Engineer

Growing up in India and witnessing the impact of climate change on the country, I want to work on levers that can control climatic damage at scale. Heirloom is an inherently scalable and cost-effective solution which I can contribute to using my expertise in fluid dynamics, a field I really love.

Lex Schutzengel photo

Lex Schutzengel

Maintenance Engineer

As a former teacher, I want youth to grow up surrounded by opportunities and in a climate that lets them thrive. Heirloom helped me transition from a career in education towards engineering (the field I studied in), and I continue to learn and grow every day!

Mireille Ghoussoub photo

Mireille Ghoussoub

Process Development Engineering Manager

While technical solutions alone aren’t going to address the climate crisis, I feel optimistic in our capacity to build new processes that put people and the planet first. Carbon removal is an especially exciting place to be as a materials scientist because there is still so much critical R&D that needs to happen within the next decade.

Our values

Guided by deeply held beliefs

Our technology is designed to drive down the cost of CO2 removal technology so it can scale quickly and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

Radical Honesty

Bottom line - we are open, transparent, and inclusive in everything we do. We aren't scared to challenge each other, but bring our best intentions when we do.

Persistent Optimism

We carry an infinite amount of optimistic energy with us on our journey, constantly chipping away at what may seem insurmountable.

Maximize Learning Rate

Our growth and knowledge must compound for us to remove 1 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. We continuously hone our crafts, seeking the fastest paths to new learnings.

Our investors

Partnering with the world’s leaders in climate tech


We're making a measurable impact on the biggest issue of our time

Our team comes from all over the globe and is united by a strong desire to address the challenges of the changing climate. Drawing from a range of diverse skill sets, we are making a measurable impact on the most important issue of our time.
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We’re looking for committed individuals that are passionate about addressing climate change.