Heirloom joins calls for new global standards body for durable carbon removal
February 16, 2023
February 15, 2023

Heirloom joins calls for new global standards body for durable carbon removal

Heirloom is proud to join a working group of 35 organizations (representing carbon removal buyers, suppliers, verifiers, non-profits, and academics) in issuing a joint statement that calls for the creation of an independent standards body to provide a trusted, scientific stamp-of-approval for carbon removal protocols. 

We know our peers in the carbon removal space are developing technologies which are diverse in their approaches and levels of maturity. We believe a similarly diverse set of scientific approaches to verification will be needed to quantify critical climate outcomes in a manner that effectively verifies delivered CO2 removal, across a range of technologies.

That's why we’re proud to join numerous investors, climate scientists, academics, and entrepreneurs as signatories in a joint statement in calling for the creation of an  institution will establish an evolving set of guidelines for assessing the performance of different carbon removal approaches, and aims to accomplish three objectives:

  • Provide a trusted, scientific stamp-of-approval for CDR protocols through an inclusive, consensus driven process.
  • Harmonize evolving State, Federal, and International standards which may emerge as different jurisdictions experiment with and enable a carbon removal market through a mix of compliance measures, procurement efforts, supply chain standards and other regulatory frameworks to measure and evaluate how carbon removal can shape communities, markets, and new economic opportunity. 
  • Conscientiously avoid conflicts of interest, define the efficacy of CDR approaches, review and approve quantification protocols, establish guidelines for 3rd party verification, and update protocols routinely. 

Heirloom’s is proud that our direct air capture (DAC) technology is a high quality, permanent, and objectively measurable form of carbon dioxide removal. By joining forces with the expertise of public and private institutions alike, we believe we can write a future for the planet where raising the bar of high quality carbon removal gives humanity a fighting chance.

Read the full Statement Here:
Industry Calls for a Standards Body for Long-Duration Carbon Dioxide Removal