Our vision

We’re building a more resilient and equitable future

Climate change disproportionately impacts the world’s most vulnerable people. We founded Heirloom because we believe that this inequity needs to be redressed.
We are optimistic that humans will find a way to bend the temperature curve downwards. First and foremost, we must transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable, low-carbon economies. But we must also remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year to hit climate goals.
Heirloom will produce high-quality, permanent carbon removal storage credits to enable governments, organizations and marketplaces with demonstrable commitment to emissions reductions to achieve their climate goals. The CO2 we remove from the atmosphere will never be used for enhanced oil recovery.
Our vision for Heirloom goes beyond our technology. We will prioritize siting our facilities on non-arable land as well as building our facilities in fossil energy communities to provide high-paying, climate-friendly jobs and to drive investment in education and reskilling.
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Our values

Guided by deeply held beliefs

Our technology is designed to drive down the cost of CO2 removal technology so it can scale quickly and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

Radical Honesty

Bottom line - we are open, transparent, and inclusive in everything we do. We aren't scared to challenge each other, but bring our best intentions when we do.

Persistent Optimism

We carry an infinite amount of optimistic energy with us on our journey, constantly chipping away at what may seem insurmountable.

Maximize Learning Rate

Our growth and knowledge must compound for us to remove 1 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. We continuously hone our crafts, seeking the fastest paths to new learnings.

Our investors

Partnering with the world’s leaders in climate tech

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Our Future

Help us fight climate change

We’re partnering with global sustainability leaders to permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere.